Non-invasively record ECGs in rodents

Heart of the Matter

The ECGenie non-invasively records the ECG in conscious mice from day 1 of life. All ECG intervals, and heart rate variability in the time and frequency domain are reported.
In vitro? The EverBeat Isolated Perfused Heart System is the simplest and easiest Langendorff kit available Read More


Walk This Way

Are your animals moving strangely? The DigiGait Imaging System provides complete postural and kinematic gait analysis of your lab animals walking voluntarily, on a treadmill, over a range of speeds, uphill and downhill, to provide the best opportunity to identify gait disturbances and test the benefit of therapies. Quantify strength, balance, and coordination in subjects with spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, leukodystrophy, brain damage, neurodegenerative diseases… For anything that affects how we walk, there is likely an animal model that can be studied with DigiGaitRead More


Happy Patients

Lab animals are like people in that they assume the health care system is going to do everything possible to ensure their well-being. How is their blood pressure? Are they getting a balanced diet? Are the neonates gaining weight? Let’s keep track! Read More