Dear Prospective Beneficiary of the ECGenie:


Are you interested in the ECGenie technology but worried about whether the instrumentation is worth the investment?

We offer several options to “try” the ECGenie prior to purchase. The options enable researchers to experience the power of ECGenie before making a capital investment, including web demonstrations, pilot studies at our facility, or a technician coming to you with the instrumentation. These services will help you understand the applicability of ECGenie to your studies, to assure you that the technology is a worthwhile investment to advance your research funding and success. Below are details for each option:


  1. Web Demonstration – We will set up and provide FREE web demonstrations via The web demonstration usually lasts about 50 minutes with adequate time for questions and answers. From the comfort of your desk chair or conference room, you see and operate our ECGenie located at our facility. Our staff will manage handling of the animals on the ECG recording platform. A web camera will enable you to see and explore ECGenie recording technology. You will, remotely, acquire the ECG signals according to a desired protocol (for example, you can request the technician managing the animals here at our facility to challenge the animals with a pharmacological standard, such as isoproterenol to induce ST segment changes). You will capture and store the signals from the study. Then you will run the EzCG analysis software to automatically analyze the signals to generate all of the PQRST interval durations. You will edit the ECG signals for artifact before automatically creating the summary data for the study, generating the tabulated data, including RR, QRS, and heart rate variability metrics, in the time and frequency domain. Typically in a web demonstration we will study three animals, one at baseline and one pre- and post- drug intervention. This equips you with an excel summary that highlights similarities and differences between the three data sets. Contact us to set up a day and time for the web demonstration!


  1. Sending Mice to our Facility – You ship your animals to us for study at our facility. You experience all that ECGenie can teach you about your own animals [up to ten] and/or compound. There is a fee of approximately $400 associated with this, which typically covers the administrative costs associated with IACUC and veterinarian approvals, receipt and caging of the animals, and care and housing until the day of ECG recording. The final fee depends on the specific logistics of the study. We discuss with the researcher an appropriate protocol to provide the best opportunity to identify cardiovascular problems. For example, if the researcher is suspecting a blood pressure phenotype, we can challenge the animals with phenylephrine. ECG signals and data generated by the ECGenie can be used for your grant applications, abstract, or manuscript. The researcher receives all of the raw ECG traces, and all of the graphics and metrics from the study.  Set this up via our contact form now!


  1. In House Study – The ECGenie instrumentation travels to your facility, with a technician to monitor the heart in up to 10 animals. The study is conducted with great thought and care, as if it was our own research, and the aim of generating publishable data. The fee for the on-site study is $900 plus travel expenses, primarily to cover the costs of transport of the ECGenie instrumentation and the technician’s time. The actual fee depends on the location of the study and the number of animals studied. Contact us to get this going!