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Download EzCG Recording and Analysis Overview This powerful ECG analysis software will analyze ECG signals collected in any species by any means, including recordings in mice measured via implanted transmitters, anesthetized rats during surgery, and awake newborn pups measured non-invasively with the ECGenie!

Easy, rapid, published, & validated.

EzCG automatically determines all of the PQRST interval durations, including the rate-corrected QTc interval. Heart rate variability is reported not only in the time domain, but also in the frequency domain to give the HRV power spectrum for complete characterization of the high- and low-frequency components of beat-to beat variability. EzCG’s peak detection system rapidly discerns a fast beating mouse heart or a bradycardic pig, with a thresholding algorithm that gives the user flexibility in analyzing an array of electrocardiographic signals. Individual or multiple peaks can be excluded while retaining the original data sets. Beat-by-beat and average values for the PQRST interval durations are reported graphically, and automatically written to any spreadsheet format. Complete analysis and comparison of ECG metrics between groups of animals are provided within minutes. Your own data sets and reference values are readily generated and accessible.

Standard Parameters Time Domain Heart Rate Variability Frequency domain Heart Rate Variability
✓ PR ✓ CV% ✓ Total Power
✓ QRS ✓ SDDN ✓ Very Low Frequency
✓ RR ✓ RMSSD ✓ Low Frequency
✓ ST ✓ pNN”50″ ✓ High Frequency
✓ QT
✓ QTc