We are sometimes asked: How does the DigiGait system compare to the CatWalk device? The information below will help answer this question.
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Description A high performance digital imaging system for spatial and temporal indices of gait at adjustable walking speed and belt inclination. The instrument is completely turnkey with acquisition and analysis software for accurate assessment of treadmill and overground locomotion. DigiGait is user-friendly and accurate! Automated gait analysis tool consisting of a corridor which directs rodent movement
across a glass walkway. The tool is completed with Illuminated Footprints
technology and CatWalk XT software to record and analyze rodent locomotor ability.
  • Interchangeable walking compartments
  • Crystal clear treadmill belt
  • Widely applicable to mice, rats, guinea pigs
  • Walking and running at multiple speeds
  • Horizontal and incline
  • Manual identification of paws is required
  • No coercion of animals necessary!
  • Digital analysis of paw prints—no
    inking necessary!


  • Corridor to direct and limit rodent movement along a straight line
  • Hardened glass walkway
  • High speed color camera
  • Natural walking movement


Applications Neurodegeneration, neuropathy, arthritis, pain, spinal cord injury, drug toxicity, aging, Parkinson’s, Hungtinton’s, ALS, lysosomal storage disease Spinal cord injury, Neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebellar ataxia, traumatic brain injury, peripheral nerve damage
Software DigiGait™ Imaging and Analysis Software

  • Automatically quantified spatial and
    temporal indices of gait
  • Graphical user interface allows user to maximize contrast between paws and background
  • Paw placement identified throughout gait cycle
  • 35+ gait indices are reported including stance, swing, braking, propulsion, cadence, step sequence, regularity index, and sciatic functional index
CatWalk™ XT 10

  • Individual footprints: print area, brake and propulsion phase duration, stand index, Duty cycle, intensity
  • Distances between footprints: base of support, stride length, distance
    between ipsilateral prints
  • Time relationships between
    footprints: cadence, support formulas, step sequence, phase lags, walking speed

Walk this way…!

Why the DigiGait™ Imaging System is the most cited high performance instrument for gait analysis in rodents. Mouse Specifics introduced ventral plane videography and the DigiGait™ Imaging System in 2004. This powerful technology is imitated and compared by devices that aim to provide as comprehensive gait analysis as does DigiGait™. Yet, only DigiGait™ offers a complete turnkey solution for gait analysis in mice, rats, and guinea pigs.