Below are simple protocols to follow that will broaden your understanding and skill in gait analysis. These easy-to-implement studies will bring about changes in gait in your animals that are intuitive and translatable to human life. As such, as you pursue your own animal models and studies, the insights you glean from these exercises will greatly enhance your assimilation of gait changes you may see in your research. Please contact us any time to discuss your observations and data!
DigiGait Protocol Speed

This protocol answers the question of how mice or rats accomplish an increase in their walking speed. The investigator will gain an appreciation of how even small changes in speed can have a big impact on gait indices. Download Now


DigiGait Protocol Ethanol Ataxia

“Ataxia” is a broad term used to describe numerous gait disturbances. There are numerous human disorders that are characterized by “ataxic gait”. Historically, many mouse models of human disorders have been described as “ataxic”, but very often the ataxia in mice is described in general terms. Download Now


Digit Gait Protcol Imaging

The paradigm for DigiGait imaging is ventral view capture of the underside of the subjects’ paws. By analogy, imagine you are running on an exercise treadmill, but that the treadmill belt and platform are transparent, with a camera looking up at the underside of your shoes. Download Now