You received your ECGenie Tower in the mail!

Thank you for coming to our website, to learn more about the new ECGenie!  Better than ever as a pre-clinical instrument for studying the cardiovascular health of your laboratory mice!  So convenient for lab animal health monitoring!  A great opportunity for researchers, animal health professionals, and students to conveniently learn how the mouse cardiovascular system operates under a wide range of conditions!

The new ECGenie Clinic is the fastest and most fun way to assess the health of your laboratory mice.  The ECGenie tower sets up quickly, providing beautiful ECG signals faster and easier than ever.  No anesthetic, no surgery, no wires – just like the ECGenie that researchers having been using for tens of thousands of animals – but now with speed, convenience, and range of options to more completely assess animal health and wellness.

The new grille sensor design is built into the recording habitat, eliminating the need for a separate recording platform.  The animals enjoy the habitat and report ECG signals rapidly.  The companion CorVita recording software displays the animal’s heart rate and heart rate variability real-time, making it a great health monitoring and educational instrument.  Multiple animals can be studied at the same time, making distinction between animals or interventions much clearer and more intuitive.

Mouse Minute Clinic

Monitor animal weight, with GenieWeight, and body temperature, with GenieTemp. Simultaneously record heart rate, body weight, and body temperature, quickly and non-invasively!   One tower connected to the ECGenie instrumentation box records the animal’s weight, its body temperature, and its ECG in less than one minute.  The CorVita software automatically displays the data, and creates data files and reports, to quickly communicate the measurements.

Minimize the handling of the animals by having 3 important physiological readouts – heart rate, body temperature, and heart rate – recorded and stored all at the same time.  Coronavirus, diabetes, sepsis, thyroid disease, and numerous other conditions can cause disarray to organ systems resulting in changes to the heart, weight, and temperature of the animals.

Imagine the convenience and benefits of the

Mouse Minute Clinic to you and your animals!

Please contact us to be one of the first laboratories in the world to have the ECGenie Mouse Minute Clinic!